The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and still has severe economic implications across the globe. Now’s the time to shift focus to drastic changes in how to act, proceed and survive in business.

GBS in the Netherlands is making that shift keeping you as a client top-of-mind with creative solutions and special services to keep your business as (un)usual!

First GBS wishes all our clients all the best, stable business but especially good health!

During this pandemic crisis business people are not able or do not want to travel to the Netherlands (due to travel restrictions and/or (self-) quarantine upon return) for live meetings, visiting assets on sight, etc.

Although the online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype are a perfect alternative, live meetings between people and the tangible feeling of the company in the Netherlands or future company M&E. Online is never better than being physically present to see and feel for yourself (e.g. body language, direct control of future assets, etc.).

We launch a new service to assist our international clients:

GBS as your local representative in the Netherlands

Services include:

  • physical presence during meetings with Directors, service providers, staff meetings, etc.
  • physical attendance at shareholder- or board meetings through proxy
  • physical control of assets (industrial goods, real estate, factories, etc.)
  • direct contact with the local Dutch market:
    • investigation into potential company takeovers that are in bad shape or that have gone bankrupt
    • search for new opportunities based on the customer’s criteria